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Restricted Registry

The Restricted Registry search is required for:

  1. any individual making application for licensure to operate a child care facility;
  2. any individual signing the application as a household member;
  3. any individuals age 18 years or older, prior to their residence in a child care facility, excluding residential facilities and child placing agencies; and,
  4. any individuals to be employed by a child care facility, including all caregivers, auxiliary staff, and substitute or assistant caregivers.

Individuals identified as registrants are prohibited from licensure, ownership, employment, and/or residence in a licensed child care facility.

Individuals may be recorded on the restricted registry for 3 reasons.

  1. If a person has a confirmed/substantiated finding of abuse or neglect of a child for an incident that occurred while in the care of a child care facility licensed, certified, operated or contracted by or with the Department of Human Services or the Office of Juvenile Affairs.
  2. If a person has had a child care facility license that has been denied or revoked.
  3. If a person has a specified criminal history such as criminal conviction for violent crimes or crimes against children.

Individuals are not placed on the Restricted Registry until after exhausting all appropriate administrative appeals.

The full policy regarding the Restricted Registry may be found in OAC 340:110-1-10.1.